The WalMart Associate Information Line is available for associates to:

  • Report an absence
  • Report a tardy

Note: You MUST call this number to report your absence or tardy. No exceptions.
Any comments are not reported to Walmart.

Log into WalmartOne.com to report your tardy or absence. No need to call.


416 Responses to 1-800-775-5944

  1. Paul Lind says:

    How do I report I am sick online?

    • My son is sick he is vomiting I had to use someone else phone to get whole of member of management this is danielleblanton I work at store 5236 in bowling green kentucky

    • Joe McCarthy says:

      Hi Paul, I just used this new system, it is rather convenient, log on to wallmartone.com click the WORK tab below your profile information, select third block (top right) “Report an Absence”, it auto fills your WIN #, name, and store, then you select from 3 drop downs, tardy/absent, today/tomorrow, and lastly reason. And your done! no calls, no waiting on hold, it gives you a conformation number and informs your stores management for you. pretty sweet, if a little tricky to find, i’m sure eventually there will be a giant neon flashing button right on the home screen.

    • Ebony tubbs says:

      I been vomiting all morning and my body is weak just want to let you all know I’m not going to make it in but I will bring all my paperwork in. I’m an associate at store number 3004 in Cicero illinois

    • tish says:

      Can we report an call out online.. this would be so convenient for me since I am hard of hearing and cannot hear that well over the phone

    • michael levi says:

      I dont know my win number how do i report my absence due to death in family?

    • Jack Evans says:

      Its a long story, but i went jooging this morning for almost 3 miles and when i was fine, i took a nap but when i woke up, my entire body was cramped and in so much pain. I can barely walk right now without someones help. I work at store 3366 in Centerville Utah

    • Lyle daniel hicks says:

      Hey I’m going back to the. Doctor to get cleared. For my hand to come back to work.

    • Samira Agaiby says:

      I need a speak with official of worker
      I have a proplem with my account
      I can’t open it
      I want achang it please

      • Debbie says:

        Walmart sucks

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

        WalMart Associate Informati

    • Latonya Zajack says:

      My name Latonya zajack. I work at 5116. i am coming in late.

  2. wminfo says:

    That would be a convenient feature, but Walmart does not have that option available.

    You must call the number listed.
    You will be asked to enter the last four digits of your social security number.
    You will have to enter the month, day, and year of your birthday.
    You will be asked to enter your store number.
    You will given a confirmation number to give to your manager.
    Your call will be transferred to your store to speak with a manager.

  3. Annoyoums says:

    I have been working at Walmart for almost 5 months and never called in or missed a day of work. I have even came in on a off day. I work in the deli and I have had to run that whole thing by myself more then once and at one time I had to run it for 7 to 6 hours by myself. And today Sept. 8,2011 I had to call in because my shcedule got changed without my knowledge or consent and I wasnt able to make it. I wasnt able to make it because I didnt have a ride because everybody in my house is either at work or at school and no cars are at the house. And store 1271 managers are treating me like I’m a terrible worker. I think no ride should be a excused absent for people who do not have a car and their license. I could go on forever, but I cant so thanks 4 listening and reading.

    • Your story is, frankly, an anomaly. I’ve worked at 3 stores, and management has always rigidly followed the attendance policy, which is quite simple: 2 absence occurrences (1-3 consecutive absences all for the same reason) in a rolling 6 month period, no consequences. At 3, you get an awkward but toothless meeting with management. Every time have an absence occurrence within 6 months of the other 3 though, you get a coaching or bumped up to the next level if you already have one. 3 incomplete shifts (15 or more minutes late or leaving 10 or more minutes early) equals an absence occurrence, as does working less that 50% of a shift. It’s all in the policy on the Wire.

      Again, much like the break and meal policy, attendance and punctuality is followed rigidly. It can work for you or against you. I realize that not every employer does things this formally, but it amazes me how many of my co-workers disregard or have no faith in the enforcement of this policy, and are either terrified to miss work, or miss way too much with little regard to the consequences.

      • anonymous says:

        it is most certainly not an anomaly. from store to store quality varies both for employees and customers. sounds like you worked for a few descent stores. i work at 1086 in st. cloud and our managers are racist sexist and treat people different based on if u get the store a tax break ie. mental disorder or physical dissability. we had a new guy named zeik who got the store a tax break because hes a bit mental and he left without any notice over a month ago. last i checked he was still employed with us. that sounds like tax fraud to me… walmart is truly one of the worst things to come from this country and it is the reason so many employed americans live below the poverty line and are forced to collect financial help ie. food stamps WIC and so on. i work for wal mart and often refer customers to the publix across the street simply because our managers see them as nothing more than doller signs. havent shopped there since ive been working for that $**t hole.

    • John Jr says:

      City bus or a cab wouldnt hurt!

  4. dean underhill says:

    do you have tty for deaf associate?

    • Annoymous says:

      no I am a hard of hearing associate and they are never prepared for that kind of thing.. i had to have someone else call in for me or I use a captioncall (vco) phone

      • casey says:

        I was injured on the job 2 days ago from doing all the heavy lifting they required me to do. Now, I’ve missed 2 days of work, and after tonight it will be 3 days of work, and I am layed up in the bed injured, and yet all I can do is worry I am going to get fired. I called my manager and asked him to move me to another department , and he simply told me he would have to get back to me.
        Anyone have any suggestions ? (By the way, an incident report was done also)

  5. Eugene (Ben) Johnston says:

    How can I find out how much of my wages were invested in Walmart stock? I retired in June 2011. I have a record of only how much was invested in 2011. I started putting some of my money in stock earlier. Walmart also contributed to my stock purchases. When I left Walmart I sold all of my stock. I’m trying to tell the IRS how much I invested. PLEASE HELP!
    -Eugene (Ben) Johnston, former produce department employee at Store 5487.

  6. Amanda says:

    this hotline sucks i have called 12 times today just to call off any every time it reads my info back to me wrong!!!! what do i do?!? i already called my store but i still have to call the hotline!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      to the people who call and can’t get past putting in your information, try putting in your store number differently, example if your store number has a zero at the beginning of it like 0267 don’t put in the zero, that’s the only thing that got me to get past putting in your infomation, I hope that works!!

  7. Hannah Birkemeyer says:

    Road isn’t plowed.

  8. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know how to reset your information for walmartone?
    i no longer have access to the email the account is associated with.

  9. Addie says:

    Wal-Mart won’t even excuse you if you have a Dr’s note, then when you call in they transfer you to your store, management won’t answer the call

  10. Lori says:

    What do I do if I cant get a manager? I’ve called over and over.

    • caimai says:

      If you can’t get them don’t worry about it. They can see that you called out when they look in the system. Just make sure you keep your confirmation code that the automated system gives you and hang up after you’ve written it down. Lol.

  11. Lori says:

    I’ve already called the 800 number.

  12. bob quin says:

    Walmart almost never answers the phone after you call the absence hotline number.. and when you do get someone you’re on hold forever, until you’re forced to hang up

  13. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be running off the screen
    in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let
    you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon.

  14. Kaleb says:

    This is Kaleb of store 1695 I’m sick today 4/26/2013 throwing up and will not be able to come in tommorrow 4/27/2013 so can you let barb of personal service know that I can’t make and my phone was disconnected thank you and this was the only way i could get through to you i know you don’t have an online thing but i’m helpless thank you for reading

    • Kaleb says:

      This is Kaleb of store 1695 I’m sick today 4/26/2013 throwing up and will not be able to come in tommorrow 4/27/2013 so can you let barb of personal service know that I can’t make and my phone was disconnected thank you and this was the only way i could get through to you i know you don’t have an online thing but i’m helpless thank you for reading

  15. Vianca says:

    How do I get an old confirmation number?

  16. Jim says:

    Why are you waiting on a waiting on a CSM? Policy states that you are to speak to a salaried member of management e.g. A.M, CO-M or S.M.

  17. Michael says:

    How do i report my coworker for stealing property and reselling it for their own gain? @ #5957

  18. How do I find a list of my confirmation nbrs for Nov/Dec 2012? Was out for jury duty. Thanks!!!

  19. Also, how can I find my old work schedule from Nov/Dec 2012? Need for jury duty pay. Thanks!!!

  20. katie says:

    what website do you go to to request specific days off?

    • wminfo says:

      You will have to go to the WIRE at your store to request days off. On the home page is a link to ETA (Electronic Time Adjustment). It will allow you to request days off. Your manager or personnel can assist you if you need further assistance.

  21. Karen says:

    Is it okay if I called the 800 number or do I need to call the store too?

    • wminfo says:

      You will need to call 1-800-775-5944. At the end of the call, you will be transferred to your store where you will speak with a member of management. You must speak with a member of management. Call the store back, if you have not been able to do so.

  22. Christopher Larson says:

    Having a tooth pulled (emergency dental) and cannot make it to work.

  23. jesus says:

    ok so I’m an overnight cashier and I’m a male working with all females. my gf comes amd brings me lunch and stays until my 5 oclock break. she purchases more that $30 worth of stuff and as I’m zoning I get yelled at cause she is in my presence. did I do wrong?

    • Abcde says:

      Managers probably don’t like it that she is with you. But if you are working and get the job done, there is not much they can do. This happens to me a lot. And I have not been written up or warned. This has been going on for months too. All they do is yell at me because they know they can’t do anything else.

  24. Dawn says:

    Ok i work in pharmacy and i am really sick and i cant get ahold of anyone in pharmacy. I was told someone is in there and no manager will take my call in and now i have to wait til 10 am to talk to some one in pharmacy. Well thats just great. Thanks so much i really appreciate ur kindness managers. Ur the freaking best.

  25. Can I call out with in my 90day period?

  26. I got sent home because I was throwing up.

  27. Steven starke says:

    How many times can you call in before you get a coaching I have called in a total of four times in 6 months but I need to call in again because my mom just had surgery and I want to be here for her will I get a coaching if I call in again please help

    • Fred says:

      If you haven’t gotten a verbal warning yet, that is what you will get. You are supposed to get a verbal warning at three and a coaching at four, but they can’t skip a step. So, if you haven’t gotten your verbal warning yet that’s what you will get. If you have gotten that but not a coaching that’s what you will get.

  28. Can’t get thru too the # called my store

  29. Son says:

    If I called in 1st day,then I’m off the next day,and call in again for the following 2 days. Would that be considered as 2 absences??

  30. james says:

    Forgot to let my manager know after I called in? What willb happen?

  31. anonymous says:

    I have been cashing my check at the Walmart in Independence Iowa for the past 3 years now, and Friday the 9th 2014 i cashed my check which was suppose to be 406.65, went and bought items amounting $38 and some change, put a $50 in out what is suppose to be the 406, I then noticed something i forgot in the cart so i used the 10 i had from the change of last transaction, i never touched my money from leaving the service desk to the self check out, not thinking i just go home, the next day i go to get gas and i only have 150 in my purse…….there is no one in my home that can take my money, nor i spent it, the lady counted the money out but i am thinking she gave me 4 50s thinking they were 100 bills, so i called them and they tell me their drawer isnt that short…..duh wouldnt the drawer be OVER since its 216 i am missing???? now i have to wait for them to look over videos….really i am a honest person and just want my money so i can pay my rent….i would like the number for corporate but just get recordings when i call numbers I googled……:(

  32. Joshua says:

    How can I check to see how many absences I have total?

  33. Michael Morgan says:

    Our god has sent for my Dad 😦

  34. Jesse Castillo says:

    If you have a family emergency while working, can you use your personal hours to prevent getting an incomplete shift?

  35. tawanda Stewart says:

    I have to go to the doctor alot i have screws and rods in me and when it rain it hurt so bad

  36. My daughter is sick and I can’t make it I have to take her to the hospital I talk to management but no help n today is my day off and I ask to be put on the schedule I work at store 1737 in villa park akeela dorsey

  37. MLH says:

    Walmart hired me four (4) weeks ago drug test passed, background check passed, hiring packet signed, still no call for orientation. I keep calling to speak to Hr department or personal, but I’ve gotten the same answer for four (4) weeks their not in. I’m beginning to think the workers answering the phone is lieing to me. I just never seen anything like this I’m lost on this one.

  38. Susan Alldridge says:

    I have tried for over two to call the hotline and all it does is ring and hangs up so that I can get a confirmation number so maybe at the hotline can read this and get it fixed sometime today that would be great. Thank You

  39. Susan Alldridge says:

    I still can get through to the 1-800 hotline today can this get checked out today and fixed for employees

  40. Would like an answer sent to my email

  41. Vee says:

    I have called the 1-800 number over 20 times. The system is down. What do I do?

  42. stephanie says:

    The hotline number tells me that I can’t be found in the system ? What do I do? #5622

  43. Mahesh Roogi says:

    Can I get my Full and Final Settlement.? My employe i.d no-34796

  44. Katey says:

    So what am I supposed to do when the associate line won’t register my information correctly and the girl answering phones hangs up on me immediately when I do get through and ask for a manager, or wait more than an hour for someone to actually answer my call? Because I would rather not have a no call no show for something as ridiculous as this.

  45. Josh says:

    I keep calling the hotline and trying to get through but after i enter all of the info up to my facility number it tries to connect for 5 minutes then goes silent???

  46. Robert says:

    I have called off and got my confirmation number but no one has answered the phone at my store , what do i do????

  47. Hashim says:

    Due to some sickness i cannot attend to work at walmart at @ 2 pm

  48. April Starkey says:

    I was in a car accident and was put off of work for 4 days so I called and spoke with a member of management and they told me that my points were up to 6 so I would have to take a leave of absence. I did not want to do this nor did I truly need to do this, now I can’t get the er doctor to fill the papers out for Sedgewick and they saying I can’t go back to work without it…..what do I do? I mean I have a excuse and also a release from another doctor saying that I can go back with no resrictions so why is that not good enough, I mean like I said I didn’t even need the loa and they had me do it now I am missing work that I can’t afford to miss and they aren’t willing to help me.

    • Trying to help says:

      You will be punished for missing, no matter what. They could care less about you or anyone. You cost them TIME they look at it as stealing. You cost them money in lost revenue, paid time off, insurance, or anything you could convince of.sorry about your luck

  49. Irshad brown says:

    I not gone be able to make it to work this morning

  50. Iesha brown says:

    I’m not going to be able to make it to work this morning

  51. William gordon says:

    Back hurts really bad. Can’t walk

  52. Sumchick says:

    How far in advance do u need to call the 800 # for time off? I work all day tomorrow and need the next day off.

  53. Tracey says:

    Why are people on this site posting side comments. Your wasting people’s time.

    You have to call the number no matter what.

    I repeat call the number if your going to be tardy or absent. Plain and simple call the number. No way around it.

    Write down the confirmation number and keep it. This is the only proof you have that you called off.

    Do you have to stay on the line to talk to management… at my 2 stores no… you can to be polite and give them a heads up but they more than likely won’t pick up or keep you on hold for 30 minutes + holding your confirmation number is the key. That’s what you have to prove you called in.

    There is no website to call off… there is no one who checks this site to see you called off. Nothing

  54. abi bintner says:

    I woke up this morning with the flu how do I use this hot line to tell my store 3394?

  55. Melissa says:

    I have noticed a definite change in policy since our personnel manager changed. Absences have never been strictly noted at our store, now they are. Not saying that’s a bad thing… What is a bad thing is that the employee in need fund has vanished, birthday cakes once a month- gone, flowers for funerals for an employee’s loved one passing- done, snacks provided at Friday meetings- no more. I guess our new personnel director is more concerned with kissing the collective corporate a** than she’s concerned about her employees

  56. dee says:

    I was just able to report my absence online and it said it would let my store know. It doesn’t say to call management so I am so confused. Do I need to? I don’t know. I tried twice but nobody picked up.

  57. kari cunningham says:

    What is a win #

    • wminfo says:

      Walmart Identification Number. A unique number assigned to you in place of your social security number. You can locate this number on the Wire. There is a link on the Online Paystub page.

  58. Jamier Green says:

    Good morning My Name Is Jamier G. I Won’t Be Making It In Today Due To Me Having A Very High Fever. You Can contact me 518 530 6037 Thanks for Understanding

  59. xdarnell32 says:

    Reblogged this on xdarnell32 and commented:
    “A sick day is a missed day.” This is Xavier D. over at the Wal-Mart in nixa with the store number #2707. I tried going onto https://us.walmartone.com/ and I was unable to log onto my account to. I was hoping to find my WIN once I got onto my account but I was unable to. Just in case I called the manger saying that I was not coming in that day do to a head ache and sore throat.

  60. lataysha berrien says:

    how can I get my winning number

  61. Julie Garrett says:

    My grandson is choking and vomiting had to rush him to hospital. I work at Wal-Mart To Go store 100c

  62. Nate Hill says:

    Today I am unable to work due to an injury and being incapable of working up to speed. The number that I did need to perform this task over the phone is nonexistent, so I must do it this way. My store number is #2209. Thank you.

  63. alexander mancha says:

    im calling in sick today because wife is having contractions and we are heading into the hospital. i dont know my win# so i will get it tomorrow and i work 1314 walmart on dellrange.

  64. patience kamara says:

    My daughter is sick. I’m at the hospital and don’t have my WIN number with me i couldn’t call in. I won’t be able to make in in today

  65. Danielle Riley says:

    Does anyone know if the 800 number is the same everywhere…and if so, how do I get to my store? Thanks 😀

  66. mahmoud says:

    I have a painful stomachache since the morning I work as a cashier in store no 2242 I couldn’t call, I have been vomiting three times

  67. Jaquitta says:

    I den callee bout 8 times feeling sick told em not to put me by the door hoefully miss connie r ms.susan wolll understand mayb jessica too kus I told her I was sick

  68. Jaquitta says:

    Call six times still no response calling to let them know my cold den got worster but nobody is picking u I told jessica I was sick a day r tew ago but now its worst barelly can tlk

  69. Jabriah Venable says:

    I do t feel very good my stomach is hurting bad

  70. anon says:

    Hi well i jusr recently called out this morning and I when i got my confirmation number i was transferred to a different store that was not my own, so i tried again and got a different number and another different store was what i got transferred to, I need to know if this affects me at all please help and soon. I’m from store #5345

  71. I haved slammed my fingers in a garage and am unable to work today. I am a cart pusher at cocoa, fl walmart off clearlake.

  72. Etlene Moise says:

    Reason I called off is because I gotta phone call from my baby seater this morning.She told me she got a cold she’s not going to be available.so I don’t have no where else to put my kid.that’s the only reason why I called off

  73. lisa k hilden jr says:

    Need confirmation # from Sunday 1-11-15

  74. Tiant Brumfield says:

    I work for store 2132 in Baton Rouge, La. I’ve tried logging in to Wal-Martone.com and it says I’m not registered on the site. I don’t know my WIN to give the automated service line. I won’t be able to make it in tonight because a close family member had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. I’ve been in the hospital since my off day on January 13th. I’ll be bck in for sure January 15th.

  75. Therase Micheal says:

    I did resigning from Wal Mart 1040 last 1/16/2015 . I spoke with personal manager Mrs Verginia . They approved that .

  76. stephanie clark says:

    Im so sick that i can’t talk its hard to get out of bed i can’t make it today. Store number 2354 rochester hills mi supercenter

  77. frontEnd4life says:

    Why are people publishing their personal information such as name and store number, and Employee ID? That is crazy. And then bashing your store with your name….that’s smart. – WM Cashier:-)

  78. Rachel says:

    How can I find out how many points I currently have

  79. Glenda Mitchell says:

    I tried to call in but couldn’t get my win number first it was bad weather ten I was sick trying to make it yo work!

  80. I’m tardy because my family member/ride seems to be lost. Haven’t heard from them

  81. Migual Martin says:

    This is Migual I’m not going to be able to make it because I have my son without no sitter and I’m trying to get a hold of the sitter..

  82. Courtney Alcalá says:

    I just started working at Walmart and an on a 90 day probation would I be able to request any days off or no?

  83. Edith Mister says:

    Sick & poor road conditions due to snow

  84. john r George says:

    I John. R George. Won’t be in at MADILL. Ok at 430 pm due to weather your phone service not. Working. If you need to call. Me thank you

  85. danielle says:

    I believe strep throat, I’m going to go to the clinic to make sure so I won’t be able to make it in this morning

  86. Anthony Otero says:

    I never was told of this site.. i had to report two times sick as a dog.. i called the store and talk to an assosiate.. very next day got fired and they dont wanna tell me why.

  87. Jayrome Brown says:

    I won’t be able to come in tonight. My mom and my grandad are both in the hospital at the same time. I’m staying with my mom her carbon dioxide levels are really high. She’s jittery dropping things saying things over and over again.

  88. Glenda Kelley-Schilling says:

    How do I change my email on my profile & change my security questions?

  89. Josh Binkley says:

    I work at store 1226 in Ashland city. I am emailing to say i had car trouble this morning and i will be running late this morning but i will be there and i will be working today.

  90. robenisha blevins says:

    I’m at. A doctor appointment my stomach is killing me bad I work at store 5054 in Jacksonville Florida

  91. Jesus Tavizon says:

    What is the associate number id??? I never received one

  92. Brie says:

    I got food poisoning from green rotten raw chicken I cleaned up that was stuffed behind merchandise, while working yesterday. The fluids from the chicken sprayed all over me, face included, when I picked up the back. I’m already over the amount of times I can call out for this six month period, but I’m in a lot of pain right now and have been stuck in the bathroom. Am I going to get coached for this?

  93. Chris says:

    Hi so I just got coached today because I didn’t come back from lunch because of a family issue. I already had I believe four abcentses. I worked more than half of my shift so they took it as a tardy “incomplete shift” .
    My question is I can get coached for a tardy now?
    Also I did contact a member of management and he said ok just for me to let know my department manger so he can change it to a clock out. But today i told him and he said that I should have called the 1800 number.. Isn’t that for just tardy’s and abcentses ? I don’t even think there’s an option to say you aren’t coming back from lunch?

  94. John Houston says:

    I’m calling out for today I’m not feeling good I been sick since it snowed here in Charlotte

  95. Loretta tyler says:

    Wat is my wen number to call into work at Walmart

  96. Tracy Tarver White says:

    Virus will not be in today

  97. Kelbrina says:

    Cant work tomorrow night , because I have a funeral Friday morning. I work at store 1418 in Ofallon, IL.

  98. Cant work tonight have a funeral to go to in the morning . I work at store 1418 in Ofallon IL

  99. terrencewilliams says:

    Tried calling but it’s not answering

  100. Shadestini says:

    Im going to be a little late waiting on my ride/ baby sitter for my baby to come

  101. Nerayda says:

    I’m not gonna be able to go to work today

  102. Ivan chatman says:

    Were can former employee call for Information

  103. latika Moore says:

    U have no babysitter tonight for my babie so I want be able to come in.03/30/2015

  104. Matt says:

    Where is the “report an absence” link on walmartone.com? I’ve heard from people who’ve used it, but it doesn’t seem to exist for me.

  105. Christian K Rae says:

    Hi my store #1775 I can’t not make it in tomorrow. I’m at the hospital for the night with my gram gram and I’m her ride. Thank you

  106. I need to know where my package is

  107. I need to track my package

  108. kelli king says:

    This is kelliking I work at store 3489 rosedale, MD & I am running late

  109. I don’t know my win number

  110. Davorius Freeman says:

    My stomach is turned upslide down..

  111. Mandy Walker says:

    My name is Mandy Walker and I’m a cashier at the store# 0750, and I’m hoping you get this. I haven’t really figured this out yet. I was on my way to work today and had to pull over twice to vomit and won’t be coming into work today (April 19th 2015 Sunday). I apologize for the lateness of this message. I will be to work my next scheduled day, thank you.

  112. Heriberto says:

    Hi byran I just want to let you know that I couldn’t go in today because I’m sick I have a flu that I was throwing up all day .

  113. Shawnna Cool says:

    I need to report an absent

  114. I had to miss work to come to Manson n babysit my son short notice store number is 2187 wenatchee wa 98801

  115. henry says:

    If I called in 2 days and had the following 2 days off and called in 1 more day would that count as more than one absence?

  116. Rickeysha says:

    I just started working at store #5964(I think that’s correct) and I didn’t receive my win number so I don’t know when is my next work day help please..

  117. Gilbert L says:

    Just called in and got a confirmation number but the phone wouldn’t repeat the number when I would press one for it to repeat. It just kept saying sorry didn’t get your response and then repeat the options I have know matter how many times I would press one to repeat my confirmation number

  118. Angela Callaway says:

    Won’t be able to make it in because I have a tooth ache really bad,

  119. Richard L. Hutcheson says:

    I work at store no. 5735 in Grovetown GA. My daughter was injured in an accident. I informed my manager of the situation and was allowed to be with her and will be absent for my shift of 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Friday May 1st. Thank You.
    Sincerely Richard Hutcheson

  120. Sundae flowers says:

    How do I get my previous confirmation numbers from the past few months??

  121. melissa stanford says:

    I am nolonger an employee of walmart. I need 4 paystubs. How do i get those?

  122. Amanda English says:

    I usually am scheduled to work Saturday nights, but for tonight it shows I am not scheduled. Will I or could I get in trouble for not showing up?

  123. phil silva says:

    name is Phil Silva. Store # 0535. I cannot make it in today 5/10/15

  124. Proshonteya says:

    Hey I pro,will not be able to make it today of may 10,2015 woke up this morning with two flats what a worse way to start my day ……. I will be a possibility I’ll come in a later but I’ll try IN ALL MY SOUL! Im from store 3659 in Chattanooga,TN

  125. David says:

    I woke up this morning and I’m having trouble breathing my chest hurts and I have a fever I work at walmart my store. Number is 1150 San Diego c.a

  126. Francesca Celisca says:

    I can’t come in today I been throw up everywhere since this morning I work 12 to 9 today please call me at 609-553-1738 thank you very much

  127. belinda says:

    My assistant manager told us on the day of april 3rd 2015 dress code change that we can only have water and vitamin water however ive been asking him to print up the policy for me to confirm this.. To this day i havent gotten any policy paper and today he was drinking pop in the personell office.. None of the managers follow these rules but scorn us for it.. How do they expect us to follow when they dont lead by example what can i do about this and how can i get the policy

  128. Jay says:

    Is there any way to find out what the dates are of the day you called out? I know im coming up on 6 months since one of my callouts but I dont know the exact dates. Is there a way to find this out?

  129. Km says:

    Do you have to talk to your manager once the trAnsfer happens or does the number send a nottification to management for you?

  130. Nettie Elaine haney says:

    I forgot I have a doctors appt.so I want be in today. Elaine Haney ay store 1201 gardendale Alabama

  131. lashonda smiley says:

    How do I cancel a call out

  132. Katelyn barrett says:

    I have high school graduation in which I will be graduating and had requested the day off and didn’t get there for I have to call out thanks I work in store 0587 Sparta Tennessee

  133. Justin berry says:

    I went to a cook out when I came home I started throwing up

  134. Sherise pratt says:

    I have tried calling my store, tried calling the manager who trained me on there cell.
    I could not verbally reach anyone.
    I found this forum , I am writing to say i will not b in today.
    My daughter has been throwing up since 1am this morning
    My store is 3708

  135. Shannon Henderson says:

    Dear Management, I’m calling off today and tomorrow because my son was born last night May 26th at 11:05p.m. my wife and soon have to remain in the hospital cause there was complications after the birth plus my wife is getting her Tubes Tied tomorrow morning. So I have to take care of my other 3 sons so I need a few days off. I can’t leave them overnight plus I have to take and pick them up from school until they mom comes home. I know it’s alot but can you all please be patient with me. I will make up the days or I will work for whoever, if I can be granted these couple of days off. I told Jackie the overnight manager my son was due anyday this past Saturday morning. I didn’t know protocol on how to take off or what to do when the baby was born. He came a week early so I thought I had time. Thanks

  136. Kadesha Baldwin says:

    I am trying to call out tonight. But the number is not working for my area. I work at store 01382.

  137. korlor katan says:

    I don’t have my win number and I can’t make it in tonight

  138. javonta says:

    I want be apply to make it for 11:30 today car problems.

  139. Steve says:

    Store 1762 Sorry I wont be able to make it in tonight I;m not feeling well.

  140. Stephanie Nunnally says:

    I have a very important doctors appointment AND I CAN’T ACCESS MY PAY STUBS ONLINE BEEN TRYING SINCE LAST NIGHT!!!!

  141. Tenesha says:

    Need my win number may u please help me with that

  142. brittney James says:

    Im not feeling well . Havent slept.

  143. star snell says:

    Hi I work at the Wal-Mart on 44th n Peoria in Tulsa Oklahoma I’m sick so I won’t be in today have been throwing up

  144. Amy says:

    Need to late car problems.

  145. Khemjira says:

    i work at work mart for 8 mouth now all more 9 mout and I would like to know how long I can be full time to work with company because really important to me right now at my shop I work for they cut the hour and take me get more day off I should be happy about that but I have a lot of bill to paid and take care my of family I really want to work more and I can work hard that it not problem if you guy can Chane me to new store or give me a chane that go able so nice Thank you

  146. Imwith Stupid says:

    Thank you, all, for the free entertainment provided with these posts.

  147. Andrea says:

    I called in an absence already but can i still come in to work at my scheduled time if i feel better enough to work?

  148. Diane says:

    Dr took me off work for 8 days. Filed claim with Sedgwick. When I call off for tomorrow do I put “Illness” or “Leave of Absence”?

  149. Bernard Anderson says:

    86211640 is my confirmation number

  150. Shelly says:


  151. jerfredrickpitts says:

    My cuzing getting married

  152. kimberly says:

    I had to take a leave of absence due to medical reasons for one week. I told the personnel manager to put my sick time for that week..the next following week i went back to work i see she didnt put my time in, i asked well can i put my time she said no it was too late because the time already went in. Is there anything else i can do ? Or someone too talk to?

  153. Jeff ribin says:

    Ripped tendins in hand. Pain meds sent to pharmacist.

  154. L'ECarrasco says:

    In Lubbock With a Sick Cousin In The Hospital with Cancer , sorry can’t make it in today

  155. che anderson says:

    I need bar event and it won’t let me

  156. Janae Legette says:

    Hello my name is Janae Legette and i work at store 2701 Port Convington Dr i was calling out cause i was assulted

  157. sherese Logan says:

    Locked myself out my car as i was on my way to work….it is actually still running right now @ 7:25 am. 9 /30 .. didnt do a proper call off..dnt have money for locks smith…dealership cant open doors for me til mon..9/31…I work at store 361

  158. Justyn koczur says:

    I had to walk from my friend’s house and woke up late plus it is pouring out and i have no ride i work in store 2386 ware, MA

  159. My car is messing up. I will be 45 mins late

  160. Nicholas weinmunson says:

    Family emergency won’t be able to make it tonight.

  161. Steve battles says:

    who do I talk to about being harassed by a Walmart employee.

  162. consuela says:


  163. Jerfredrick Pitts says:

    My kids baby sitter didn’tccome to watch them. I’m going to be late

  164. Jordan says:

    I’ve been with Walmart for almost 3 months, maybe even more than 3, and I’ve had to start working only 4 hour shifts because high school soccer has started and I don’t have time for much more. There’s already another girl who was working a nine hour shift today so I don’t think they really need me only for four hours so so today is our pictures for high school soccer and I’m supposed to work four hours during our pictures so I use the Walmart one app to call in just for today and I haven’t ever called in before so I’m not sure exactly how it works but I think the worst thing that will happen would be like a verbal warning , the first step , I haven’t gotten any coaching’s yet so but I’m just paranoid of getting fired and whatn I think the worst thing that will happen would be like a verbal warning and us the first step him on any coaching’s yes I have the next step but I’m just going to paranoid of getting fired? Any opinions on this ?

  165. Jorge Aristeo Chavez says:

    Why i can not find the option “report an absece” on my wm1 app?

  166. Mark says:

    I have been at Walmart DC 6077 sense January 06 2015. When I started. They told me I could report an absence on Walmart1. But my app doesn’t have that option to do so. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. But it’s still not there. What could be going on here? Is there a way to fix this problem?

  167. Mark says:

    My app does not have the report an absence. How do we fix this problem?

  168. Aurora says:

    I started working at the ludington Michigan location. Ever since day one, I have been treated very poorly. I’ve reported it to management and nothing has changed. Being a female and new I feel they think they can do this without punishment. I have also needed to change availability and they have still failed to change that. I have three children and cannot be working 6nights a week. I can work Saturday Sunday and Monday nights. But I am to the point where I am going to quit. I was in the hospital all night last night and feel like I cannot ask for the amount of time off I need to heal beacuse of punishment.

  169. Jerfredrick Pitts says:

    I got a stomach virus food I ate last night

  170. i was absent on yesterday thats on 4th september but i was not knowing to make a call to associate info line somebody told me today about this but when i make a call today they are asking about today or tomorrow absent what should i do to report yesterday absent

  171. Ana says:

    I was calling in sick to walmart through the walmartone but my phone was acting up and selected it three times for the same day. I don’t know how this will affect me since it was for the same day but it processed three times.

  172. matthew says:

    Hello I work at store 0894 Tulsa, ok I have been sick all day throwing up not able to move much I still planned on going in but passed out at 9pm an hour before I start work I woke up at 11:46 pm and I called in would that still be an absence?

  173. Daniel mcclellan says:

    Can i transfer on a leave of absence im leaving texas tommrow and dont wanna lose my job at walmart im at store#0077 in taylor texas i wanna transfer to a store back home in Florida but i cant wait any longer i have to leave tomorrow and my store manger said that he can try and get me transferd before Friday when i leave but he said there is no guarantee so can i take a leave of absence and transfer to a store in Florida

  174. Anthony says:

    I am Anthony i work overnights last night I was working and I was throwing up costly and I went to the hospital and talk to my manager and I was working post work tonight I’m unable to work because told me I have to report back to work Tuesday

  175. darian tucker says:

    Calling out for today and last Friday when I went to jury duty

  176. Keanda Vernon says:

    Store 4065
    Wilmington NC FAmily emergency

  177. I’m going to be 2 1/2 hours late tonight

  178. Madyson Waycott says:

    I have to call out due to High School extra curricular activities. My soccer games were switched. I called the number, but school priorities was not an option so I am not sure what to put. I called a manager at my Walmart and she knows it’s for soccer but I’m worried she didn’t put that, and the system won’t know the actual reason, causing me to get a coaching.

  179. nique says:

    When working 3 weeks can u call off

  180. Faustino Gurrola says:

    I just bought a bike and i had an accident I turned one way and it went the other. What can I do. I have bruises

  181. Shawna Kirkland says:

    I Will Not Be At Work Today Im Sick…

  182. Rita biers says:

    I found a large bill a customer lost as she left my register. I turned it over to my csm who in return sent it to the cash office. My question is that I it is not claimed where does the money go. Can I put a claim in for it and if so how do I do this? If you can answer this please let me know .

  183. jadenelle says:

    Car broke down and waiting on my ride ill be an hour late

  184. jadenelle says:

    Car broke down and ride is not available anymore wont be able to make it to work to work.

  185. Quiana Clifton says:


  186. Joseph lawrence says:

    Hi my name is Joseph and I been shopping at Walmart at Brooklyn center and there is a employee name Michael Lawrence who always told me about taken thing from Walmart with out paying and one day he sold a car battery and give some for $13 dollars and they battey was $120 and he over rude the price and give them for less and take re rest if money outside

  187. jayne says:

    I’ve been working at walmart for 2 weeks now. And it’s going really well. A few days ago my nephew came home vomiting and with a high fever. I did my best to steer clear of him. And after the first day I thought it had slipped past me. But yesterday I started feeling hot. Had a temp off 99.8 but didn’t think anything of it. This morning around 3 I woke up vomiting and other things, with a temp of 102. I’m still in my 90 period by no way I’ll be able to work like this. Will I be fired?

  188. Kerine Pollar says:

    I called to report a absence, it only asked for my win number and my birthday, not my store number. How do i know if my manager knows im not going to be there ? Do i have to other steps to let them know ?

  189. Bridget says:

    If I call in a day then scheduled off then call in again, then scheduled off for two days but then call in again. How many days does that count for?

  190. Latrice Cohen says:

    Out of town to see my grandmother. Wasn’t able to make my flight. My apologies , will return Wednesday.

  191. My account is showing locked on the application. What to do… My company says there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m looking for a phone number to help unlock the payroll check stub portion of the application…. Everything else is the application works fine. Thank you

  192. lea says:

    How many times do you get to call in with in a six month period?

  193. I called the online report line and have my confirmation number, but was never prompted to speak with management, should I call my store directly?

  194. Michael Bailey says:

    I am reporting that my son Michael Bailey will be getting in late on Tuesday 28th due to the fact he had to take me to (his mother) therapy. He works at the Rockaway NJ store.

  195. Im sick i can not come to work tonight

  196. mark welch says:

    How can u calk in if u don’t know a win number

  197. Dominique Brondo says:

    i need to call in sick ive having serious upper resproary problem

  198. Barry Hewitt says:

    I have a stomach virus continously vomiting very bad diarrhea and stomach cramps not in any condition to be around other people or able to do any work

  199. Maria says:

    Can you be fired for not calling in once? I tried to call the store I work at and nobody ever answered and if they did, they left me on hold and hung up. I tried this for an hour before I had work scheduled. I was not even aware of this number or service. I am scared to lose my job. It’s not like I didn’t try. I wasn’t aware.

  200. Quasheka Thornwell says:

    I helped my aunt move and I’m having back spasms had to got to the hospital as soon as I got out of bed this morning.

  201. Javon chessom says:

    I can not make it in today I have to take my daughter to the hospital. She is very sick and nobody else can take her

  202. Tommy boy says:

    How can I see how many days I have missed?

  203. Keirron darby says:

    I can’t come in today sorry thanks in advance

  204. Jermaine Jackson Brown says:

    I’m going to be late

  205. brandy says:

    I’m am throwing up have to go to er …I work at 2581

  206. Caleb addair says:

    Tried calling the sick line and have been disconnected 3 times.

  207. Caleb addair says:

    Can’t make it in

  208. Ophelia says:

    What’s the win number?

  209. Ty says:

    I called the store and told them i was in the emergency room the told me to call the call out line which i did and it asked for my win number of which i dont know so i went to walmartone and tried to log in and it say it mnt recognize my name or password(im using what i recieved when i was hired) and i never registered so i tried to register but you need your win number i tried calling my store back for 5 hours straight no answer that day has now passed so what am i to do ?

  210. My sister is sick and I think I got what she has. I won’t make it to work today, throwing up every minute

  211. tyler reck says:

    I am sick trying to call in but dnt know my win number i work at the south side store in muncie IN plz help me i dnt want to get in trouble

  212. Samantha huffman says:

    Throwing up

  213. cynthia says:

    What if you call in after your expected shift has already started?

  214. It’s snowy and icy and my car was sliding all over the road so I am not going to make it in to work today. November 30 2015 store 1689 aurora Colorado

  215. Tami garrison says:

    I writing to inform you I’m not coming to work because my car was sliding all over the road.It is November 30 2015 1689 aurora co

  216. Hi my name is Anita Hammonds I don’t remember my win number I really don’t feel good I wish I can make it I tried to call in didn’t get a chance to speak with someone at the store I work in the deli department my store number 4379 please let me know if u got my info

  217. Donna says:

    Intestine infection

  218. Donna says:

    Sick wit intestine I fection

  219. Evan says:

    Why is the call transfering me after conformation number?

  220. Joshua worthy says:

    I am unable to come to work to for my 10pm-7am shift

  221. josh says:

    Thank you but my call cannot be completed. Typical… my name is Joshua willis I will not be able to come to work at 7am thank you

  222. Everytime call this number i get half way then it cut me off i tied 7 time

  223. Pamela Hannah says:

    This is Pamela Hannah from the store in Milan Tn. I’m not feeling well I will not be in tomorrow 12/26/2015..

  224. Anna says:

    Even tho I turned in a docs note stating when i come back do I still need to call in

  225. Tara says:

    I’ve been coached twice for unexcused absences. My 90 days is January 15th. Does walmart have to except my doctors notes in the state of new Jersey?

  226. Carissa Lakins says:

    I can’t find my confirmation number from when I called in, how do I get or find a copy? The call was made at 6:30am on 1-6-16

  227. brittanyking says:

    i recently worked for Walmart how do I get my w2s I live in a different state now

  228. Shetyl Hann says:

    Hi I’m Sheryl Hann and an employee at Walmart neigbirhoodmarket at 3023 evergreen square. Today I’ve been calling thus number to call-in because I’m sick unfortunately it doesn’t work. How could I report an absence which even in my workplace nobody pick up the phone.

  229. Samantha says:

    My baby has a fever

  230. Samantha says:

    My little boy is sick

  231. Ashley says:

    Is there a way to check your absence history to know how many absences are active?

  232. Marcus sutton says:

    Hi sorry but my car is broke down an the bus don’t run untill 4:15 today an i half to be there at 2 i tried to get a ride but nobody would bring me an i don’t have the money for a cab im sorry i can’t make it today….. Thx

  233. megan says:

    I called in today because I am sick I already have 4 points and one coaching will I automatically get a second coaching because of it?

  234. Camille willene says:

    I have class later

  235. Juan says:

    Hello I’m deaf Juan Perez and I can’t go to work because I pulled my muscle and still hurt

  236. Donna says:

    What if you can’t login to walmartone? When i register it says user not found. What do i do?

  237. Lois Harris says:

    I forgot my information for login in my online account for my Walmart associates account.
    IT’S tells me to contact the help desk

  238. Will not be able to make it to work do to weather conditions

  239. Brandi brown says:

    I can’t do anything because I forget my WIN number and can’t register for a WalmartOne without it and can’t call off for the weather

  240. Brandi Brown says:

    I can’t make it into work today due to the weather and I can’t call off because I forget my WIN and also can’t use WalmartOne because I didn’t created one and in order to create one I need my WIN number. 1623

  241. Barbara says:

    I’m trying to reset my log in . I have a new email . Please help

  242. Jose Velasco says:

    My son Jose Velasco he fe el sick he has headeck he alergia a sometido think

  243. Marcus Stewart says:

    Mrs lg . hope you got my message I sent you on Facebook about tonight.

  244. james hoover says:

    Its not working how am I surpose to.call in if its not up and running

  245. Maritza says:

    I’m sick I have pain in low back

  246. Debra Beckham says:

    No longer employed by Walmart as of 01-12-16 still waiting for my w2 what’s taking so long

  247. So how do you know when sick days reset. I haven’t been feeling well lately but have had 5 sick days within the past 6 months or so and I want to call in tomorrow because I’m in so much pain right now I can’t even sleep. So how do I know? Is it like a timeline they set up or is it 6 moths from ur first sick date. Please help. I’ve looked everywhere for answers to this.

  248. Amanda says:

    I dont have that email anymore and haven’t been on the site in over 5 years

  249. Guadalupe says:

    Hello my son was in emergency room, the doctor told then I have to check the temperature, and give the medication. And case the fever back and the medication don’t work in have to back to emergency room. I don’t know my win store in pleasanton ca

  250. tiffany riker says:

    My grandmother is really sick and it’s getting worse so I’m going to take care of her for the night Walmart store number is 1162

  251. Marilyn Hibdon says:

    I have the flu cannot come to work I called yesterday 37x got the same message I have to be to work within a couple hours I will keep calling

  252. Alanna says:

    You cannot tell them you can’t come on on this feed. Haha . Come on people!

  253. Daniel clevinger says:

    Why does Wal-Mart gives you a confirmation number when you call out what do I do with it?

  254. Marjorie Murphy says:

    Please help me unlock my walmart one account where you look at your paycheck stub. I answered the security questions correctly but it kept saying that the answers were wrong and locked up. It say contact the help desk but there is no help desk that I can find. HELP!

  255. Yazmin says:

    Sorry but i am not going to be able to come to work due to me not having a ride … i work at club 8286 waco tx

  256. Donald Vazquez says:

    Calling in and cant find my win #. Tried walmart one and it doesnt recognize my user name and password which was given to me by a mmanageand used to work before
    . Not trying to resign just cant make it in.

  257. Jennifer mei says:

    I’m sick I got a headache and Dizzie

  258. Marjorie Ann Gillmorr says:

    I just was admitted to the hospital 3-11-2016. Do I call the club personnel and request pto hours?
    Or do I go to the website ? Global something. The club has been told I will probably be out 2 weeks

  259. Ashley Jones says:

    I don’t have my win number and I am new,i had to ride the bus today and I’m late for my training in beeridge, my store number is 7307

  260. Anonymous says:

    I started working at Walmart on Monday and my feet started to hurt but I pushed passed it. Today my feet hurt so bad my knees were buckling and my feet were on fire. Pretty sure I was about to pass out. Should I call in today?

  261. Renee Shubin says:

    I’m trying to get on walmart 1 on my cell phone and it will not let me. Keeps telling me it doesn’t recognize my password or sign in. I’ve been out since Feb 27. Due to surgery. I’m trying to see how much pto I’ve still got any help would be greatly appreciated.

  262. Jorge londoño says:

    Walmart manager at doral branch at 87 ave and 13 at 33172…very rude with coworkers.kind of bully .like a costumer I saw the treatment to other employees.and is very sad. Lady is the name of the store manager.focus on that.

  263. Jeffery cherry says:

    Who can I call about payroll cause my check did not go into direct deposit is wanna know if they change pay days

  264. Jessica Fulbright says:

    I am at the ER with my uncle he had a heart attack and now hes not able to move his left sode of his body for some reason

  265. Hi member of management, This is Bhumika patel from cashier , I m not coming because of I m seek today

  266. Donovon Davis says:

    I won’t be able to be there today

  267. febe says:

    I need that number from home offers

  268. Jessica says:

    I have been throwing up for almost a week and I don’t know if I should go in or not I’ve called in 3times will I still have my job after this?

  269. My phone broke got a new one unable to create a new walmart one account need to see my schedule. What do I do?

  270. Darian Banks says:

    How do u clock out using the app I’ve been told you can

  271. Kayla Brimhall says:

    I will be calling in for 9:30am to 2:00pm but will be in at 3:00pm for my next shift. I am calling in cause of family issues

  272. A. Burgess says:

    I have 2 questions, the schedule I have from wal mart one has me off today but my manager just called an told me I was on her schedule, I have a screen shot of my wal mart one schedule an it states that I’m off today. Is it right to make me have to call in and take a point for an absentee when I was told by one schedule that I’m off but by another I was supposed to be at work?

    Is it in any way fair for them to deny an appointment for a pregnant woman, who let them know a month in advance that she needs the Dr’s appt off but rejects it an counted it against her when she is forced to call in. I belive that if I was Sam Waltons daughter & I worked for Wal-Mart i would be approved an not rejected as this should go for anyone who has important appts an goes into the computer an requests the appts off. A Co worker didn’t even give a 2 week notice to be off for her birthday an she was approved!! Here I am putting it in the computer a month in advance & was rejected. I feel that I have been discriminated against because of my condition.

  273. Steven Swope says:

    Is there a way to reset my password and user I’d on Walmart one my old phone was stolen and can’t rember them please and thank you

  274. Ted says:

    I need help on a crazy situation

  275. Ted jackson says:

    i lost a child in january 7 2016 and i just got friend for no reason and i told them they said so u still will get fried so thats what they did was fried me with no calls!I worked in Chelsea Wal-Mart

  276. Mercedes says:

    I never miss a day in my work for 2 years that i have been working In these store today I confused my schedule with the last week I went to explain to a manager and they treat me like like sh… very disappointed I feel very discriminated for many things in these store 3397 I wish I could go back to the store I worked before 5932 .every day I feel treat like a slave here I feel scare to ask for any help here the answer is always negative except for 2 managers

  277. Istvan Boros says:

    I would like to know you dont want open Wallmart in Hungary.I know you dont have any Wallmart store in Europ bit you should.Maybe i can help

  278. Charles files says:

    I’m get a new alternator put in my car I will not be able to make it in to day

  279. Eric Seavers says:

    I will not be able to make it in for my shift today store 128 . Hookers stole cab money .

  280. asheka johnson says:

    Vomiting, Shitting fire. Will not be at work

  281. Jesse says:

    Does any one know the no call no show and how it works for new hires like do you just get a couching or automatic termination

  282. Alex says:

    What is the policy on missing days? I’ve been told we can miss four days but if you call in that 4th day, the next time you go to clock in, you won’t be on the schedule anymore. But, I was confused on if it’s true with missing four days or is it missing three days and that 4th day, you will lose the job?

  283. Tabitha says:

    Does that ‘Report an Absence’ option on the Walmart one app actually work?

    • Jennifer Hannah says:

      I don’t know I used it 3 times and then got Term, due to the fact that they states that I did no call no show, which I went to the Mobile App and did so now I’m trying to get the confirmation numbers if I can so I can prove to the unemployment office that they fired me for no reason. I wouldn’t use it. I would just call.

  284. Aj J Hire says:

    Sorry can’t come into work today. Sick as dog

  285. sandy says:

    Quiero saber que puedo hacer compre un reloj smartwtch y me llego el día viernes 29 abril y lo e tenido desde ese día cargando y no quiere cargar ni siquiera me prende y no se que hacer por favor dígame que puedo garantizar yo

  286. Lisa Hill says:

    major headache and I’m not going to be able to make it in today at 2 o’clock my name is Lisa Hill from Carrollton to and Walmart 10:47 when you get this message give me a call or send an email to Lisa H 1766 at gmail.com

  287. Jesús gomez says:

    My back still hurts


  289. Out sick. Upset stomach and terrible headach throwing up

  290. Christine Galyean says:

    Im trying to let my managment know that im sick an can not make it in but its not recognizing my W.I.N #..

  291. Debra Ann Miller says:

    When I called in 2 times it gave me a confirmation number proving I called in . I only had to confirmation number. Is there away they can prove to me I had 4 confirmation number because I know they will only have 2 which means I was wrongfully terminated.

  292. kate says:

    How much of a notice do they need that im calling off? I just called ooff 2 hrs after i was supposed to be there

  293. Jesse says:

    Hi my name is Jesse and today I’m not going in because I woke up with a fever when I was at school so I couldn’t make it today

  294. Pam says:

    I left Walmart employment over 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t received my final check !

  295. Lisa says:

    if I am using a tardy (arrive late) what’s the max time I have to be late?

  296. Carlos Duran says:

    Hello I work at 3533 I’m at the hospital for me I’ve bien having stomach problems my phone is off I’m using the hospitals wifi i haven’t had the chance to get a phone.

  297. Joenathan Farmer says:

    What if I misplaced my confirmation number

  298. Richmond J Aggrey says:

    My wife was rush to the Wakemed Emergency Room while I was at work at Walmart store #5118 Raleigh NC . The nurses requested my presence at the emergency room due her critical medical condition. I therefore informed the Co Manager of the store number 5118 Mr Rick and CSM on duty.I am therefore requesting a two days off from today August 13 and 14 2016. My WIN# 211569 667. I pray for my request to be approve

  299. Aaron Bartelle says:

    I am in a process of moving into my new place today so I wont be able to make it to work today I contacted management at Store #5425 which I work at by the way and i was told my boss Mr. Juan Denny won’t be in until 1:00pm and judging off of how long I might be put on hold I might not be able to reach him in time because I leave to work at 1:15 and get there at 1:45-50 because I walk and I clock in at 2:00pm

  300. rayofhope340 says:

    Hello I’m a new Walmart employee and I have been there for about a month now. My question is how many points will I get if I call in?

  301. jose antonio morales says:

    No puedo sacar mi horario de trabajo es pordemas ya me canse tengo meses tratando.por favor ayudenme.gracias.trabajo en la 0512 en el paso.tx.

  302. Safwat says:

    I need help to fix my associates I’m forget my email and password and username please how I can fixed the problem thanks

  303. Where can i pick my gift card up?

  304. Today is my grandmother birth today she make 68 she died 2 years ago because she was really sick and every year we have an celebration we go to church and visit the grave yard every year

  305. Sandra stanley says:

    Icant log on to walmart one please help me

  306. Chris Elias says:

    I work at the walmart in tallahassee florida on Tennessee street and I would like to report a tarty because of the storm.

  307. Mallory says:

    Can they add points on if you use this like those points that if you hit a certain amount you are fired?

  308. Edward Aguilar says:

    I been trying to call in sick. It’s hard for me to talk and I work at the door at Walmart #4392. I was calling I was schedule at 0600 to 1500. My name is Edward Aguilar.

  309. Kevin Jackson says:

    My aunt is in the hospital for heart issues I’m wanting to call off to stay with her. Will it count as a point for a family emergency?

  310. Rosa Goglia says:

    What is my schedule for the next week starting tomorrow, please

  311. Rosa Goglia says:

    What is my schedule for the next week starting tomorrow

  312. Erika Conard says:

    I am sick with a cold and I won’t be coming to work today.

  313. Breanna says:

    I am two days away from my 6th month at Walmart and I have 3 points. If I call off will i be fired? I need to know asap please!

  314. Deb Ainsworth says:

    I keeps getting somebody else’s paycheck on my phone number this is been years now I’d like it to stop

  315. Breanne says:

    I order a vacuum for my pool and got it to day . The box is all teared up pieces missing. I want my money back

  316. Albert lay jr says:

    I am not going to make it today I’m sick

  317. Hellen Hilson says:

    Timely article – I Appreciate the points , Does someone know where I could possibly grab a blank IRS W-2 copy to edit ?

  318. Zac Hanson says:

    I will not be able to make it in tonight, store # 1476

  319. Jason says:

    We employees working hard for the Walmart company and we still get negative feed back from mangers. People get sick and if there are emergencys and stuff, we we still get tardeys against us etc. But what if the mangers call out do they get yelled at or do they just get a slap on the hand. Walmart shouldn’t give there employees so many tardeys against there employees. If they can’t understand that then why is Walmart in business. I mean they should treat there employees with more respect and mangers should not get mad at people if they call out. Maybe the mangers need to get yelled at if they call out.

  320. Becky grevas says:

    I am in the ER I will bring a note

  321. Lynel Jones says:

    I have some family personal problems, not going make it in

  322. Sharon Anderson says:

    Helly Walmart Associates, and Management… Im requesting for the 11/16.17?please?…. For my bby congratulations from bootcamp USArmy…… I can come 2 work on the 18of that month…… Yes this not to be brought to ur attention? I can work up until Tuesday afternoon if needed. …. Thank you

  323. Jennifer Semones says:

    I tried to call my store 1510 in florence ky and can’t get anyone to answer. So I called this number. Hope it goes through to my store. Daughter has a doc appt and tests to do today. Nov 4th 2016. Not coming in today. Thanks

  324. Angelica Gordon says:

    Absence today

  325. Lisa Carlson says:

    Who does the firing and I feel that if your firing someone they should be coached or given talks not suddenly your fired bcos your not working at Walmart standards. Not to mention a young married kid supporting a handicapped wife during the holidays.

  326. Cindy says:

    My son is sick an at the hospital. His. Blood sugar is very high it is 700. I will not b able to make it to work tonite

  327. Paul says:

    Hi my name is Paul I call the store and Dail the l800 number I wrote the number down I ride a bike and some how the number fail out of my pocket . I just bought a car I really won’t to work I need my job I did cal I just lost number to give to my boss on my way to work and that is the truth

  328. I am very sick an called the store shelbyville tn tell a manager an associate was transfer to a manager. I am running fever an very weak. I appoligize.

  329. Brenda Monroe says:

    Will be out tonight due to death in family

  330. Aaron Pinson says:

    I had to attend a funeral that lasted way longer then I thought it would and missed most of my shift it looks like

  331. luziana Edmond says:

    I have to work today at 2 I’m not feeling well i dont think Im gonna be able to make it

  332. Need 2 change my email address to receive my on line schedule

  333. Need 2 change my email address to receive my on line schedule

  334. Please help me with getting my on line schedule can’t get it keep telling me I have wrong e mail address l no I mean doing it right

  335. Need to get my email address to receive my on line scheduled I try keep telling me its not right email address

  336. Barbara Head says:

    I need to tell you that I’m not going to be at work today. I’m sick with a cold and I feel like crap. I hope I’m doing this right. I called the 1800# and my confirmation # 104500273. I hope I feel better tomorrow.
    Barbara Head

  337. Antoinette Perkins says:

    I lost my husband December 27 I don’t have no one yesterday I had a closure for my husband in Iowa I had no surport from my job and I got real depressed and tryed two kill my self please I didn’t make it in two work today just need support I love my job and my department please help

  338. Kimberly dace says:

    Please reset my walmart one can’t get on it

  339. Evelyn losaw says:

    How do you get a record of your call outs?

  340. Jada brown says:

    My WM number doesn’t work

  341. Hi my name is Michael JEFFERSON I worked for your business 2or more years it’s was a joy to work for warmart it the warmart clear I work for at dunvalstore transfer to your never hood warmart it didn’t out so the store manager block me from working at warmart again my wife love working there I told her that the company was a good one

  342. Evelyn Biere says:

    Why is the walmart one website not working?

  343. Cindy davis says:

    This is Cindy Davis I work at Walmart in Simpsonville SC at neighood Walmart. I am sick an unable to come in. 3628 store number

  344. I’m trying to get my schedule on line they keep saying my password n user name doesn’t match what they have watched can I do to restore my schedule

  345. Lebron says:

    I was in the fish section and I saw all these dead fish I was so upset so I would like every walmart to take care of there fish also I saw a full bag of dead fish in the sink

  346. Ernest Mccullough says:

    Absent 3- 7- 17 out sick areodrive store Ernest McCullough 3- 11- 80 ss#9710

  347. Robert McGowen says:

    I don’t know win number, I’m in the hospital right now, how do I get this all worked out

  348. kevin johnson says:

    how do i get my WIN number

  349. Lisa Brown says:

    Hello. I am needing my W2 sent to my new address.
    Lisa (Brown) Hinz
    5593 Capri Dr
    Kingston, OK 73439


  350. Cassandra says:

    Um I’m wondering if y’all found a blu phone by chance cuz my daughter got her sisters phone and the last place I saw her have it was Walmart

  351. Ryan Smith says:

    To whom this may concern, hello this is Ryan Smith I will not be able to make it in at store #3127 I will have a doctor’s note when I get in tomorrow please call me if you want to know more.

  352. Lacy Warden says:

    My sitter is has been sick and can’t watch the kids for me so I picked up a shift tomorrow sorry call in a bit

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